Developing Route Optimization-Based PMIPv6 Testbed for Reliable Packet Transmission

Byungseok Kang, Namyeong Kwon, Hyunseung Choo

IEEE ACCESS,Vol.4 NO.1, 23 March 2016 (IF:1.249)



Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) allows a mobile node to communicate directly to its peers while changing the currently used IP address. This mode of operation is called route optimization (RO). In the RO process, the peer node learns a binding between the home address and its current temporary care-of-address. Many schemes have been proposed to support RO in PMIPv6. However, these schemes do not consider the out-of-sequence problem, which may happen between the existing path and the newly established RO path. In this paper, we propose a scheme to solve the out-of-sequence problem with low cost. In our scheme, we use the additional packet sequence number and the time information when the problem occurs. We then run experiments on a reliable packet transmission (RPT) laboratory testbed to evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme, and compare it with the well-known RO-supported PMIPv6 and the out-of-sequence time period scheme. The experimental results show that for most of the cases, our proposed scheme guarantees RPT by preventing the out-of-sequence problem.



Mobile communication, Mobile nodes, Route optimization, Current estimation, Sequential analysis

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