Delay-Efficient Energy-Minimized Data Collection With Dynamic Traffic in WSNs

Byungseok Kang, Phuc Nguyen and Hyunseung Choo

IEEE Sensors Journal, April 01, 2018


Data collection is one of the most important applications in wireless sensor networks where sensed data are gathered from sensor nodes to the base station. Reporting redundant data leads to the wastage of time and energy, the sensors therefore report only meaningful information to the base station, which are independent and distinct with the lasted ones. This assumption leads to unpredictable changes of data traffic over different sampling intervals in data collection process. In this paper, we first formulate the tight constraints of the problem and then propose a delay-efficient traffic adaptive (DETA) scheme for collecting data from sensor nodes with minimum energy consumption. The DETA scheme minimizes data collection delay by constructing delay-efficient, collision-free schedule, and by using a special mechanism to enable every node to self-adapt with the changes of data traffic. We also conducted simulations to evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme, and the results shown that the proposed scheme significantly decreases data collection delay and energy consumption compared with the existing schemes.

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