A History-based Predictive Handover Scheme for Wireless Networks

Geumsan Jo and Hyunseung Choo

Journal of Internet Technology, April 27, 2017 (IF:1.93)



In this paper, a history-based predictive handover scheme in PMIPv6, called HP-PMIPv6, is proposed. The objective of HP-PMIPv6 is to reduce the handover latency by maintaining the movement history of a mobile node (MN) and predicting a next MAG (nMAG), which the MN connects to, using the MN’s movement history. In this study, the performance of HP-PMIPv6 is compared with PMIPv6 through mathematical modeling and simulation. Also, the performance of HP-PMIPv6 is evaluated using the SUMATRA dataset from Stanford University, which collects real-world user mobility data. The simulation results show that HP-PMIPv6 reduces the handover latency by nearly 30% compared to that of PMIPv6, while the result using the Stanford dataset shows around 10% improvement.


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