Computer Networks


Fall, Lectured by H. CHOO

Students develop a thorough understanding of foundation principles, architectures, and techniques employed in computer networks, and a new paradigm of Software Defined Networking (SDN). A network is viewed as a hierarchy of layers, or abstract machines. Each layer uses services offered by lower layers to in turn provide enhanced service to the next higher layer. These layers form a protocol suite. The focus is on protocols and mechanisms used in the Internet’s TCP/IP protocol suite, including the design and operation of both wide-area and local-area networks.

Office Information

Office: Engineering II (27304) / Phone: (031)290-7145
Office hour: Tues, Thur 13:00 ~ 14:00 (in SKKU Suwon Campus)
Wed 11:00 ~ 12:00 (in Startup Campus, Pangyo)
Teaching assistant: Dr. Sanggil Yeoum (27301, x7224)


Computer Networks: A Top Down Approach by Behrouze Forouzan and Firouze Mosharraf McGraw-Hill, 2013