On Detecting Unsteady Demand in Mobile Networking Environment

Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 2331, pp. 1108-1117, Apr. 2002 (SCI)

V. V. Shakhov, H. Choo, and H. Y. Youn


One of the key issues in mobile communication system is how to predict the number of calls per each cell. It is an important parameter and usually assumed as random Poisson value. For effective management of cellular network, the average number of calls should be traced and the changes in the numbers need to be promptly detected. In this paper we propose an algorithm detecting the changes in the behavior of the users using the technique proposed for point-of-change problem based only on the number of call arrivals. Computer simulation reveals that the proposed method can effectively detect the discord, and the developed model is very accurate as showing mostly less than 1% differences.





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