Rerouting for handoff based on the distance in wireless ATM networks

Elsevier Science Computer Communications 25, pp. 1162-1171, 2002 (SCI)

H. Y. Youn, H. S. Kim, H. Choo, and S. Das


Whenever handoff for a mobile user occurs in wireless ATM network, its connection must be reestablished in the new area. This paper proposes a new path rerouting scheme based on the incremental reestablishment approach. It decides the crossover node by comparing the distances between each node in the existing path and the new location, while traversing the path backward. This scheme allows us to efficiently decide a new path whose length is close to the shortest path. In order to realistically evaluate and compare the proposed scheme, we model the distance a mobile user travels based on move speed and call duration statistics and propose a new approach for generating realistic random network. Comprehensive computer simulation for various random networks shows that the proposed scheme outperforms the previous schemes in terms of path efficiency and handoff delay. We also obtain path reuse efficiency of higher than 80%. The proposed scheme can be implemented using the information in the routing table of the underlying network.



Crossover switch, Distance factor, Handoff, Path rerouting, Wireless ATM


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