New Parameter for Balancing Two Independent Measures in Routing Path

Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3046, pp. 56-65, May 2004 (SCI)

Moonseong Kim, Young-Cheol Bang, and Hyunseung Choo


The end-to-end characteristic is an important factor for QoS support. Since network users and their required bandwidths for applications increase, the efficient usage of networks has been intensively investigated for the better utilization of network resources. The distributed adaptive routing is the typical routing algorithm that is used in the current Internet. If the parameter we concern is to measure the delay on that link, then the shortest path algorithm obtains the least delay path P LD . Also, if the parameter is to measure of the link cost, then the shortest path algorithm calculates the least cost path P LC . The delay constrained least cost (DCLC) path problem has been shown to be NP-hard. The path cost of P LD is relatively more expensive than that of P LC , and the path delay of P LC is relatively higher than that of P LD in DCLC problem. In this paper, we propose an effective parameter that is the probabilistic combination of cost and delay. It significantly contributes to identify the low cost and low delay unicasting path, and improves the path cost with the acceptable delay.





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