DIG: Degree of Inter-Reference Gap for a Dynamic Buffer Cache Management

Information Sciences, vol. 176, pp. 1032-1044, Feb. 2006 (SCI, iF 1.003)

Hyunseung Choo, Young Jae Lee, and Seong-Moo Yoo


The effectiveness of the buffer cache replacement is critical to the performance of I/O systems. In this paper, we propose a degree of inter-reference gap (DIG) based block replacement scheme. This scheme keeps the simplicity of the least recently used (LRU) scheme and does not depend on the detection of access regularities. The proposed scheme is based on the low inter-reference recency set (LIRS) scheme, which is currently known to be very effective. However, the proposed scheme employs several history information items whereas the LIRS scheme uses only one history information item. The overhead of the proposed scheme is almost negligible. To evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme, the comprehensive trace-driven computer simulation is used in general access patterns. Our simulation results show that the cache hit ratio (CHR) in the proposed scheme is improved as much as 65.3% (with an average of 26.6%) compared to the LRU for the same workloads, and up to 6% compared to the LIRS in multi3 trace.



Buffer cache management, Cache hit ratio, Degree of inter-reference gap, Least recently used, Low inter-reference recency set


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