Longest Path First WDM Multicast Protection for Maximum Degree of Sharing

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3991, pp. 989-992, May 2006

Hyun Gi Ahn, Tae-Jin Lee, Min Young Chung, and Hyunseung Choo


In this paper, we investigate efficient approaches and algorithms for protecting multicast sessions against any single link failure while establishing multicast sessions in WDM mesh networks. Since a single failure may affect whole nodes in a multicast group and causes severe service disruption and a lot of traffic loss, protecting critical multicast sessions against link failure such as fiber cut becomes important in WDM optical networks. One of the most efficient algorithms is optimal path pair-shared disjoint paths (OPP-SDP). In this algorithm every source-destination (SD) pair has the optimal path pair (working and protection path) between the source and destination node. Since degree of sharing among the paths is essential to reduce the total cost and blocking probability, we propose the longest path first-shared disjoint paths (LPF-SDP) algorithm which decides the priority of selection among SD pairs in a resource-saving manner. Our LPF-SDP is shown to outperform over OPP-SDP in terms of degree of sharing and blocking probability.




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