NeMRI-Based Multicasting in Network Mobility

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3981, pp. 710-719, May 2006

Moonseong Kim, Tae-Jin Lee, and Hyunseung Choo


Mobile IP is a solution to support mobile nodes but it does not handle NEtwork MObility (NEMO). The NEMO Basic Support [2] ensures session continuity for all the nodes in the mobile network. Since the protocol is based on Mobile IP, it inherits the same fundamental problem such as tunnel convergence, when supporting the multicast for NEMO. In this paper, we propose the multicast route optimization scheme in NEMO environments. Assume that the Mobile Router (MR) has a multicast function and the Nested Mobile Router Information (NeMRI). The NeMRI is used to record a list of the CoAs of all the MRs located below it. And it covers whether MRs desire multicast services. Any Route Optimization scheme can be employed here for pinball routing. Therefore, we achieve optimal routes for multicasting based on the given architecture. We also propose cost analytic models to evaluate the performance of our scheme. We observe significantly better multicast cost in NEMO compared with other techniques such as Bi-directional Tunneling, Remote Subscription, and Mobile Multicast based on the protocol [2].




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