Verifier-Based Home Network Security Mechanism

May. 2006Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3981, pp. 934-944, May 2006

Hoseong Jeon, Min Young Chung, Jaehyoun Kim, and Hyunseung Choo


The home network is expected to experience significant growth over next few years, as wireless and ubiquitous networking becomes more common and accessible. However, the broadcast nature of this technology creates new security issues. To ensure the effective deployment in home environments, network security must reach a certain level which is reasonably acceptable to the research community. The security mechanism for home networks must not require heavy computations, since usually consist of low CPUs capable, limited memory and storage, and mobility concerns. This paper presents a secure authentication and session key establishment mechanism suitable for home networks. The proposed scheme is based on the Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol. The performance evaluation demonstrates that our proposed mechanism is more secure than previous ones while maintaining the similar level of security overhead including processing time.




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