Extra Window Scheme for Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in EPON

Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 4534, pp. 408-417, May 2007

Sang-Hun Cho, Tae-Jin Lee, Min Young Chung, and Hyunseung Choo


To ensure efficient data transmission for multimedia services in Ethernet passive optical networks (EPON) which are considered as a promising solution to the last-mile problem in the broadband access network, they employ the media access control (MAC) mechanism by sharing efficiently the bandwidth of all optical network units (ONUs) and by avoiding data collisions in the upstream channel. The representative dynamic bandwidth allocation scheme, Interleaved Polling with Adaptive Cycle Time (IPACT), is considered as a standard approach in services for requests of ONUs. It reduces the performance of the entire network in terms of mean packet delay and packet loss ratio, due to congestion for the case that an ONU has burst traffic or highly loaded traffic. To handle this, the proposed scheme varies the cycle length in the basic period center and guarantees a maximum window size per ONU. In this paper, the proposed scheme demonstrates enhanced performance in terms of mean packet delay and packet loss ratio, of up to 58% and 10%, respectively.




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