Regular Tiling Based Flooding Scheme for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

In Jur, Trong Duc Le, Minho Jo, and Hyunseung Choo

Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 257-272, Mar. 2012 (SCI, IF: 0.481)


Flooding is a fundamental operation in wireless ad hoc networks to propagate control messages in the entire network. The traditional flooding scheme generates excessive packet retransmissions, resource contention, and collisions since every node forwards the packet at least once. Several flooding schemes have been proposed to avoid these problems. However, these unnecessary forwarding nodes remain in these flooding schemes. In this paper, we propose a novel flooding scheme termed Regular Tiling (RT) Based Flooding to efficiently minimize the number of forwarding nodes. It employs a regular tiling method. RT Based Flooding, selects nodes that are located closest to vertices of regular polygon, using location information of 1-hop neighbor nodes, as forwarding nodes. We also provide ideal forwarding models to minimize the number of forwarding nodes and prove that our scheme approaches the ideal model through detailed analysis. Simulation shows that the performance of our scheme outperforms recent noteworthy flooding schemes in terms of the number of forwarding nodes, number of collisions, and delivery ratio.



Wireless ad-hoc networks, Flooding scheme, Energy-Efficient, Regular Tiling (RT).


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