Frequency-Domain Packet Scheduling for Low PAPR in 3GPP LTE Uplink

Journal of Object Technology, vol. 6, no. 10, Nov. 2007

Yeonjune Jeong, Mihui Kim, Min Young Chung, Tae-Jin Lee, and Hyunseung Choo


Single carrier frequency domain multiple access (SC-FDMA) has been adopted for the 3GPP long-term evolution (LTE) uplink multiple access scheme due to the power consumption issue of mobile andsets. Like OFDMA in the downlink, SC-FDMA enables multiple users to be served simultaneously in the uplink. However, all subcarriers allocated to a single user must be contiguous in the requency domain at each time slot due to its single carrier property. This contiguous allocation constraint makes scheduling difficult. A scheduling scheme in such systems needs to keep this onstraint whilst trying to satisfy its own objectives. Therefore, we propose a frequency-domain packet scheduling algorithm to lower the PAPR of the mobile handset under this constraint. In his paper, we perform system level simulation on the 3GPP LTE system model. We compare the proposed scheme and previous one in terms of system throughput, fairness, and PAPR.





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