Towards Location-Based Real-Time Monitoring Systems in u-LBS

Springer-Verlag, vol. 5593, pp. 525-536, Jun. 2009

MoonBae Song and Hyunseung Choo


Recently, ubiquitous location-based services (u-LBS) has been utilized in a variety of practical and mission-critical applications such as security services, personalization services, location-based entertainment, and location-based commerce. The essence of u-LBS is actually the concept of location-awareness where location-aware devices perform more intelligent services for users by utilizing their locations. In order to realize/achieve this concept, a mobile device should continuously monitor the real-time contextual changes of a user; this is what we call location-based monitoring. In this paper, we discuss the research and technical issues on designing location-based real-time monitoring systems in u-LBS along with three major subjects: (1) high-performance spatial index, (2) monitoring query processing engine, and (3) distributed monitoring system with dynamic load balancing capability and energy-efficient management.





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