A Distributed Lifetime-Maximizing Scheme for Connected Target Coverage in WSNs

International Conference on Computational Science and Applications, vol. 7335, pp. 283-296, Jun. 2012

Duc Tai Le, Thang Le Duc, and Hyunseung Choo


In this paper, we consider the problem of scheduling sensor activity to prolong the network lifetime while guaranteeing both discrete target coverage and connectivity among all the active sensors and the sink, called connected target coverage (CTC) problem. We proposed a distributed scheme called Distributed Lifetime-Maximizing Scheme (DLMS) to solve the CTC problem. In our proposed scheme, at first the source nodes are selected to ensure the target coverage. After that, energy-efficient paths to transmit the sensory data from source nodes to the sink will be built. The cost of the construction of the connected cover graphs is significantly reduced in comparison with the some conventional schemes since the number of targets (i.e., the necessary number of source nodes) is much smaller than the number of sensor nodes in the practical environment. In addition, the energy consumption is more balanced so that the network lifetime will be increased. Our simulation results show that DLMS scheme performs much better than the conventional schemes in terms of the network lifetime.




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