Performance Evaluation of Flooding Schemes on Duty-Cycled Sensor Networks: Conventional, 1HI, and 2HBI Floodings

International Conference on Computational Science and Applications, vol. 7971, pp. 347-357, Jun. 2013

Boram Hwang, Minhan Shon, Mihui Kim, Dongsoo S. Kim, and Hyunseung Choo


The 1-Hop Information flooding (1HI) and 2-Hop Backward Information flooding (2HBI) schemes for choosing the retransmission nodes have been studied to solve the broadcast storm Problem for data flooding in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). These schemes do not consider duty cycles to save the energy of sensor node. Recently duty cycle approach is very commonly used as it performs well to save the energy of sensor nodes We analyze the performance of Conventional flooding, 1HI and 2BHI with duty cycles.In the well-known test environment, the result with 30% duty cycle shows that 2HBI scheme can reduce energy consumption up to 65%, increase the number of floodings up to 2 times, and increase the flooding duration up to 6 times. The comparison shows that 2HBI scheme takes the longest flooding time with duty cycle approach, where as it takes the shortest flooding time in non-duty cycled networks. Through various experiments, this paper suggests that proper schemes for various deployment conditions.





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