Constructing Impressions with Multimedia Ringtones and a Smartphone Usage Tracker

KangWoo Lee, Hyunseung Choo

Journal of KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, Vol.9, NO. 5, May. 2015 (SCIE, IF:0.56)


In this paper, we studied facial impression construction with smartphones in a series of experiments with two smartphone applications: SmartRing and SystemSens+. In the first experiment, impressions of faces associated with different music genres (trot vs. classical) were compared to impressions formed from a facial image alone along the social warmth and intelligence dimensions. In the second experiment, the effect of similarity attraction was investigated by manipulating the extroversion of facial images. Results indicated that impressions of faces cannot only be constructed along the social warmth and intelligence dimensions, but can also be made more or less attractive based on their similarity to the viewer’s personality. Our experiments provide interesting insights into facial impressions formed in a smartphone environment.



Facial Impression, SmartRing, SystemSens, Smartphone, Similarity Attraction


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