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    Proxy mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) is a network-based mobility management protocol that improves performance in terms of handover latency, signaling cost, and packet loss compared to host-based mobility management protocols. However, still packet loss occurs during the handover of the mobile node (MN). Several attempts have been made to improve the reliability of PMIPv6 service by proposing schemes in which packets are buffered in network entities during the handover of the MN to prevent packet loss, and performance improvement has been demonstrated via simulations. So far, there have been no implementations of buffering functions in the literature.
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    As the development of IT industry, short-range wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, radio frequency identification (RFID), and near field communication (NFC) are being actively investigated and applied to various fields. It is noticeable that traditional short range communication technologies are facing with many issues nowadays. For example, the RFID technology only can support one way communication, or the Bluetooth technology requires a lot of time for finding a connection before exchanging the data. The problem of Bluetooth is also happened with Zigbee standard.
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    In PMIPv6, the packets generated between an MN and a CN are always transmitted via an LMA as RO is not supported. This increases the LMA load, and transmission delay increases, since the packets are transmitted via a longer path. Therefore, the RO is required to resolve the problem and to make the most efficient way to transmit the packets.
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    There have been many android monitoring applications up to now. The academic researchers and industrial developers develop applications to measure device usage and context information. Such applications are usually used to analyze the user patterns in order to provide the better services to mobile phone users. Most of the applications have been developed for the purpose of collecting directly interesting information such as device’s information, user mobility. However, there is no common application which can provide sufficient feedback from users, such as SMS (number of sending and receiving messages), Call (number of call and receive), Battery used, Applications used in daily life. Our objective is to develop an application for above requirements.